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4 DIY Wooden Eco Projects

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Few things have the potential to impact the environment more than figuring out how to reuse the items that already surround us. One material that truly lends itself to this idea is wood. Wood can be reshaped into practically anything a designer wishes. Whether an old beam is made into a fireplace mantle or a simple coat rack for a hallway, both pieces can be stunningly beautiful. At Konifer, we appreciate any efforts people make to use reclaimed wood for new projects because it creates beautiful works of art while helping reduce stress on the environment, and that is what we are all about. Consider these wooden eco projects next time you decide to get crafty.

10 Men Who Set a High Bar for Style

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The world of men’s fashion has its classic standouts, but there seems to be a new vibe on the streets. These are men who understand a photo can happen at any moment, so they are ready with casual-yet-stylish clothes when out in public. Here is our list of 10 head-turning men who rock the fashion world in 2016.