10 Tips for a Greener Approach to Moving

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Moving your family, life and home from one place to another is an inherently messy endeavor. There never seems to be enough time to get all the packing done, and in the end you just end up tossing stray belongings into random plastic garbage bags or spare cardboard boxes. If you are looking for a more organized and eco-friendly approach to the relocation process, we’ve got the guide for you.
The next time you are planning a move, consider this list of moving tips for a greener method.



Eco-Friendly Moving Company


Look for van lines that bundle loads to cut down on the amount of fuel that is needed for transport. They might also offer recycled cardboard boxes or use trucks that run on bio-diesel.


Cull Your Belongings


The more stuff you have, the more boxes you will need and the more gas it will take to transport everything. If you haven’t used an item in a year, it may be time to get rid of it. Why bother moving something you don’t even use?


Reuse Boxes


When it is time to start packing, ask your friends and family if they have any boxes lying around that you could have. There might be some available in the community as well. Avoid buying brand new boxes from the moving company. There are plenty more eco-friendly resources out there.


Consider Plastic Bins


You might even be able to find a company that offers reusable plastic bins for movers. They deliver the boxes to your home and pick them up after you are unpacked in the new location. Rental fees are minimal, and the recycled packing materials also are available.


Pack Out Your Paint


When you get the garage all packed up, you might be wondering what to do with all your cans of leftover paint. Companies such as Eco-Peinture accept used cans of paint, which they recycle into new paint products.


Reduce Number of Trips


If you are just moving across town, you might be tempted to make multiple trips in your personal vehicles to save on moving costs. But that means more fuel usage and more emissions. Rent a big truck and make a single trip instead.


Use Your Own Packing Materials


Most people have bubble wrap or foam in their garage from packages they’ve received. When you know you have a move coming up, start to stockpile packing materials and gather any that your friends may have. Don’t forget that you can use household towels and clothing as cushioning, too. After all, those items have to get to your new location anyway.


Use What You Have


In the same vein, you can use suitcases, storage bins and backpacks that you already own to move household goods as well. Not everything has to go in a box. Pillows make great packing material for fragile items, and pillowcases can hold a lot of stuff.


Recycle Everything


When you reach your new destination, don’t just throw your moving boxes and bubble wrap in the trash. Recycle everything you can or offer your packing materials to other people who are planning a move.


Plan Ahead


Many wasteful moving practices can be eliminated simply by planning ahead. Have a yard sale, stockpile boxes and gather used packing materials as far in advance of your move as possible.


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