4 DIY Wooden Eco Projects

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Few things have the potential to impact the environment more than figuring out how to reuse the items that already surround us. One material that truly lends itself to this idea is wood. Wood can be reshaped into practically anything a designer wishes. Whether an old beam is made into a fireplace mantle or a simple coat rack for a hallway, both pieces can be stunningly beautiful. At Konifer, we appreciate any efforts people make to use reclaimed wood for new projects because it creates beautiful works of art while helping reduce stress on the environment, and that is what we are all about. Consider these wooden eco projects next time you decide to get crafty.


Planked Headboard


Headboards made of reclaimed wood are in high demand right now, which means they can be incredibly expensive to buy. Cut out the middle man by doing the work yourself. You could choose a traditional, horizontal planked design, flanked by two simple vertical planks, or go for more of a barn look with vertical planks held in place using some cut on the diagonal. Whatever design you choose, the headboard will give off a rustic feel that could work wonderfully for any bedroom.


Framed Mirror


One of the joys of reusing something like reclaimed wood is how easy it can be to take something simple and drab and make it look absolutely incredible. A simple $5 mirror, for instance, can be transformed into a very expensive looking statement piece using just a few well-positioned planks. Simply frame out the mirror how you’d like. You could add bevels to the wood and cut the corners on the diagonal. Alternatively, you could create a shaker style look with the planks meeting at the perpendicular on the sides and top of the planks. Either would be stunning.


Bar Table


Projects that allow you to keep the full character of the reclaimed wood can yield fantastic results. A bar table is just one example. In this project, you keep the full breadth of the wood while reducing it down to the regular height of a plank used for tables. Support the table top with straight, black metal legs. Keeping the edges exactly as they are and showing the tree’s natural curve and bark makes a statement that melds both rustic and modern designs, so it will fit in with many style choices.


Serving Tray


Although a serving tray may be a small project, it can yield a great result if it is properly designed. With reclaimed wood, a rustic design works well. Simply take your plank of wood and attach two smaller pieces at either end. On these two pieces, affix leather strips using large-headed nails for a nice finishing touch. Either sand and stain the wood to your desired hue or leave it in its raw state. In both cases, this downplayed project will still catch the eye.


Who knew saving the planet could be so stylish? Each of these wooden eco projects are worthy of the gorgeous lumber they come from, and they could fit well in practically any home. So dig in deep and do your part to create something you love while working towards a worthy cause.

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